Cayman / gt4 upgrades

Our Latest Innovation!

4.5L GT4 Engine Package

501HP at the wheels!

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Porsche Cayman gt4 upgrades

4.25L and 4.5L Engine Packages Available

  • Over 500HP at the wheels!
  • In-house Custom Dyno Tuning
  • Optional X51 Head Package for even more Power!
  • and more…

18″ or 19″ Wheel Conversion

Carbon Fiber Wings With Aluminum or FRP Mounts

Carbon Fiber Wing Upgrade

Carbon Fiber Wing for Porsche Cayman

We have designed and developed a custom carbon fiber wing upgrade for your 987 and 981 Cayman Street and/or Track car.

Customizable upon request or designed as we have intended, out carbon fiber wing and mounts are the perfect setup for your weekend track car that you still want to drive on the street. 

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Bolt-in Safety Cage / Harness Bar

Porsche Cayman Bolt in Roll Bar

We have engineered and developed a bolt-in roll cage setup for your Cayman Street and/or Track car.

Customized to your desired paint color and tucked away, it is the perfect combination for your weekend track car that you still want to drive on the street. 

Available with or without the harness bar option.

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Service | Maintenance | Repairs

Porsche Maintenance and Repair

Our Porsche service workshop offers a wide range of services from routine minor services to major overhauls, rebuilds, and repairs.

  • Oil and Fluid Changes | Timing Belts and Water Pumps | Brakes and Hoses | Clutches and Belts | Wheels and Tires | and more…
  • Check Engine Lights and Diagnostics | Transmissions | Engine Tuning and Rebuilds | Axles and Exhausts | Alternators and Starters | and more…

IMS Bearing Fix

  • Important for all 2000-2005 Porsche Boxster’s and 911’s

Paint and body

Porsche paint and body shop 1

With over 25 years of experience, our collision, body repair and paint department have a wide breadth of capability. We are able to bring heavily damaged cars back to life for the road and track.

  • In-House Paint Booth
  • Frame Straightening
  • Windshields
  • Color Matching
  • Graphic Wraps


Porsche Restoration

From the ground up, we are able to return your Porsche to its original shape. We also specialize in restoring that sparkle and shine that will remind you of the day you saw it at the dealer.

We handle every step of the process.

Paint Stripping | Media Blasting | Sheet Metal Repair and Forming | Aluminum and Fiberglass Fabrication | Body Conversions and Updating


Porsche Performance upgrades

For the enthusiast looking to enhance the performance or personalize their car, we provide factory and aftermarket upgrades.

  • Suspension and brakes
  • Corner balancing
  • Exhaust and turbo upgrades
  • Dyno tuning
  • Engine swaps
  • and more…

Track Services

Track Support

DeMan Motorsport offers a complete range of track services.

  • Setup and Tuning 
  • Transportation
  • Race Car Rentals
  • Coaching
  • Track Support

Full Race Builds

Full Race Builds Porsche DeMan Motorsport

If you want the ultimate turn-key race car, leave it to DeMan Motorsport. We will build you a more reliable, safer, and faster race car than you can imagine. Explore some of the examples that we have built for customers.

  • DeMan Motorsport Safety Cage Built In-House
  • Racing Suspension and Brakes 
  • Engine upgrades and Tuning
  • Custom Aero Package
  • and much much more…


Storage at DeMan Motorsport

DeMan Motorsport offers a variety of storage options for all your vehicles and gear in a secure and temperature controlled facility. We will take care of it all and keep those batteries charged and ready to go.

  • Street cars
  • Vintage cars
  • Race cars
  • Go karts
  • Wheels and tires
  • Racing gear

Engine & Transmission

Porsche Engine rebuild

DeMan Motorsport specializes in engine rebuilds – from race builds to factory restorations.

We also build race engines from scratch and can make performance modifications to your existing engine. We can blueprint your engine, dyno test it and certify your horsepower and torque. From Engine Builds and custom ECU programming to Turnkey Racecar Development and Construction, DeMan Motorsport can handle all of your needs. Engine dynamometer testing is performed on custom engines and by customer request. Assembly, engine layout design, and build clearance checking are all done on site.


Porsche transmissions, like their engines, are precision equipment, requiring extensive knowledge and expertise to repair and rebuild.

DeMan Motorsport has the expertise to totally rebuild your tranny or make the necessary repairs. We have the factory tools to set the ring and pinion and handle any transmission job, large or small, be it a 901 or a late-model cable-shifter. Factory and custom transmissions are rebuilt and bench tested. Performance analysis of the racecar is simulated to select gear ratios that provide the highest level of on track performance.