The DeMan Motorsport team has extensive experience helping take that first step to drive on track and the big step to wheel to wheel racing. We provide coaching and guidance all along the way to make the process and experience a pleasurable one. There are many things to learn when you first decide to take your car on a race track and we can help.


There are a few options depending on your situation and location.

1) If you want to drive your own car on the track there are a few options. Monticello Motor Club offers a one day driving experience where you are provided a professional coach and are able to drive your own car on track with no prior track experience. The other option is to find a car club near you and join one of their High Performance Driver Education Days (HPDE).

2) If you don’t have a car to drive on track, MMC has some great options if you are located in the northeast. If you are located outside of that area, search for the closest track to you and they may have a list of car club events that go there. There are some driving schools that are located throughout the country like the Porsche Driving School.

For a basic, non racing track day, your car will need some preparations to make it reliable and safe. You will also need an approved helmet.

To race, you will first need to get the necessary race license and credentials which can be acquired many different ways. Most prominent is through NASA, SCCA and PCA. They have condensed programs that allow you to get a license quickly but it is always better to get more seat time than required.

Within Porsche club racing, there are a few standardized “Spec” classes that we recommend starting with depending on the car that you have or want to start with. Some good information can be found on the following sites.

  • Monticello Motor Club (MMC) is a private racetrack that caters to car enthusiasts looking for the ultimate playground for their car. You get nearly unlimited track access in a country club environment. If you are interested in visiting to check it out, DeMan Motorsport can arrange a visit and a day of driving.
  • David Murray Track Days is an invite only event that offers dynamic, interactive classroom presentations, available personal coaching with current professional racers and the unparalleled opportunity to experience world -class racing venues in a true “open track” format.
  • Porsche Club of America is where many owners get there first opportunity to drive on track. They have a very competitive wheel to wheel club racing program that attracts many of our racing customers or those looking for more competition in the Porsche world.
  • National Auto Sport Association (NASA) offers everything from autocross to spec Porsche racing. NASA has programs that will allow you to participate in a racing school to become qualified to race and also accepts competition licenses from many different sanctioning bodies.