As you all know GT gears has been manufacturing the finest gear sets for all P-cars for quite some time now. The Cayman/GT4 offerings from GT were based on the initial use of the transmission in the 3.4L Cayman/Boxster lineup and the ratios made were perfectly good for the lower HP and TQ ranges of those engines.
As we started using the available ratios with the 3.8L GT4 cars they worked fairly well, but not an Ideal (speaking from a perfectionist standpoint) RPM drop and spread as the power was increasing with the 3.8L but still a major improvement over the stock setup.

So, DeMan Motorsport has negotiated a deal with GT gears for the exclusive availability of the Main shafts and ratios PERFECTLY matched to our large displacement high HP and TQ engines for a gearbox that will rival the PDK for close gear spacing and linear acceleration!

After studying lots of data, video, and soundtracks of these cars running through the gears we have come up with the BEST GT4 gearbox combination ever!

DeMan Motorsport Gear Ratios 4.5L GT4

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