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4.0L Engine Package

buy xanax fast shipping Testimonial of the Cayman GT4 4.0 from Ajjra “I would have been excited to drive with Rick DeMan in any car. The GT4 felt so composed through transitions at speed that I had to ask if it was on stock suspension. It was – the driver makes all the difference. The 4L motor pulled hard at low RPM. I’ve always found the GT4 uneventful below 5k RPM. This car felt like a 911 Turbo down low. My head was planted against the seat back at wide open throttle. You think to yourself, this is how Porsche should have delivered the car. The peak numbers are interesting data points but the change in the torque curve at low RPM was, for me, what this conversion is all about. At no time did the chassis feel overwhelmed by the power increase. The sound was great too. Sounded similar to stock during normal driving and LOUD and manic when he put his foot in. I noticed no drone but had very little time to observe. I asked to drive windows up and windows down to compare. Intoxicating sound and yet still seemed like you could daily drive the thing.

Again, all these impressions are taken from the passenger seat, not the drivers seat. But I’m a PCA Instructor and spend a good amount of time on the right side of the car feeling things out.

xanax buy online india The toughest part of the day was driving my own GT4 home from Nyack. I had to keep the revs high to achieve the same sensation of thrust. I was reminded of an interview with Patrick long after he drove the 997.2 GT3 RS 4.0. He was focused on the torque down low as the thing that stood out the most. It’s the same here.”


DeMan Engineered Bolt-in Safety Cage/Harness Bar

buy xanax from canada We have developed a bolt-in roll bar setup for your Cayman Street/Track car. Customized to your desired paint color and tucked away, it is the perfect combination for your weekend track car they you still want to drive on the street. **Available with (white) or without (yellow) the harness bar option as shown below.

porsche cayman bolt in roll cage white installed

gt4 bolt-in cage yellow

In Stock.  Ready to Ship or Install on site. porsche cayman bolt in roll cage whte

Maintenance Receive regularly scheduled Porsche factory maintenance from our expert technicians to keep you car running and driving smoothly.

  • Oil and Fluid Changes
  • Timing Belts and Water Pumps
  • Brakes and Hoses
  • Clutches and Belts
  • Wheels and Tires
  • and more… IMS Bearing: If you have a 2000-2005 Porsche Boxster or 911, you should be aware of a problem that could cause failure on the M96 engine called the IMS bearing.  Other years could also be affected but by far, the single row ball-bearing used starting in model year 2000 through 2005 are the most problematic. See this link for more information.

We are a certified installer of the replacement LN Engineering IMS bearing.


  • Our skilled technicians have the expertise to properly diagnose and get you back on the road or track quickly.
    • Check engine lights and diagnostics
    • Transmissions
    • Engine tuning and rebuilds
    • Axles and exhausts
    • Alternators and starters
    • and more…
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Body & Paint With over 25 years of experience, our collision, body repair and paint department have a wide breath of capability. We are able to bring heavily damaged cars back to life for the road and track.

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Restoration Services From the ground up, we are able to return your Porsche to its original shape. We also specialize in restoring that sparkle and shine that will remind you of the day you saw it at the dealer.


  • For the enthusiast looking to enhance the performance or personalize their car, we provide factory and aftermarket upgrades.
    • Suspension and brakes
    • Corner balancing
    • Exhaust and turbo upgrades
    • Dyno tuning
    • Engine swaps
    • and more…

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Setup & Tuning

DeMan Motorsport offers a complete range of vehicle setup and tuning services, from corner balancing and sway bar adjustments, to engine tuning via our in-house dyno.


Coaching It is not just seat time that is important; it’s the quality of the seat time. Our staff of professional driver coaches can help shave seconds off your lap time with right seat coaching and data analysis.

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xanax bars where to buy online We consistently attend major Porsche race weekends and have in-house transportation to get your car safely to events.

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Track Support

Second to none, DeMan Motorsport provides the most critical support when you need it the most; at the track.


Race Car Rentals

Don’t currently have a race car of your own, DeMan offers an arrive and drive option for almost every type of Porsche racing event.

fullracebuildFull Race Builds

If you want the ultimate turn-key race car, leave it to DeMan Motorsport. We will build you a more reliable, safer, and faster racecar than you can imagine. Explore some of the examples below that we have built for customers recently.

Storage Services

DeMan Motorsport offers a variety of storage options for all your vehicles and gear in a secure and temperature controlled facility. Street cars, vintage cars, race cars, go karts, wheel and tires; we will take care of it all for you and keep those batteries charged and ready to go.