By Adam Pockross – January 25, 2016

There are a million reasons why Rennlist is THE place for Porsche fanatics, but events like this are right at the top of the list.

A couple of Saturdays ago, a bunch of Rennlisters were invited to drop by DeMan Motorsport to check out the Blauvelt, New York shop and get an inside look at their new GT4 development car. And drop by they did! From the looks of the ever-growing thread about the gathering, if you weren’t there, it looks like you missed a whole ‘lotta awesome.

Throughout the thorough behind the scenes investigation, Rick and the DeMan guys covered a lot of ground.

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The DeMan Motorsport IMSA GS Class GT4-R made its first outing at Daytona International Speedway during the ROAR before the 24. The team made a very good first outing with a 1.57.69 with more time to gain. Ride along with Rick with out in-car video below.

DeMan Motorsport 4.0L GT4 is complete and dyno tested! 403HP at the WHEELS! and 340FT/Lb of TQ at the wheels! The package consists of 4.0L stroker kit, 82mm Throttle body, Headers and appropriate DeMan Motorsport in-house tuning on our Dyna Pack dyno. An X51 package will be coming soon as well.

More information can be found here: GT4 Upgrades

Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg’s Jason H. Harper test drives a fully customized DeMan Porsche Cayman at Monticello Motor Club. Rick DeMan, owner of DeMan Motorsport, talks about the car with Harper. (Source: Bloomberg)

Being a Porsche enthusiast has gotten a lot more interesting since the Cayman was introduced in 2006 and the PDK transmission became an option in 2009, as debates over rear-engine vs. mid-engine and manual versus dual-clutch have led to animated discussions at gatherings of the Porsche faithful. Though one can make good arguments for either side of these debates, even the most dedicated 911 purists have to admit the mid-engine layout is more ideal in a sports car, and there’s no denying that a dual-clutch transmission will shift faster than any of us ever would with a manual. With the advantage the 911 still has in outright horsepower, it makes sense that an ideal Porsche track or club racing car would combine the best components of the 911 with the Cayman’s mid-engine layout and that it would be fastest with a PDK transmission.

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DeMan Motorsport Porsche based Cayman R race cars. Purpose built for PCA, NASA and Club racing series. Constructed using the race proven suspension and chassis parts, Premier safety equipment, 403HP 3.8L Carrera S engine and Exclusive DeMan Motorsport aero package. The 2 cars displayed have an array of optional equipment and one major difference, Porsche’s venerable PDK transmission in the white car and the standard 6 speed in the black. Curb weight for the race cars is 2732 pounds and for testing purposes the weight of both cars have been equalized.

Interview by Michael Spinelli.
Driven by Nick Longhi

PALM BEACH, Florida (February 15, 2014) – Justin Ehrlich and Rick DeMan co-drove to the first overall race victory for a Porsche Boxster in The Stuttgart Cup™ Series Saturday in HSR’s The Hawk Performance 90-minute GT Enduro at Palm Beach International Raceway where their teammates Paul and John Reisman captured Cayman class honors.

Taking a lead they would never lose at the race start, DeMan drove both the opening and closing stints in the white No. 11 Boxster while Ehrlich stayed up front throughout his middle-of-the-race driving shift.

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Behind the scenes video of DeMan Motorsport at David Murray Track Days at Virginia International Raceway April 2013.

Most race fans probably don’t think about where race cars come from. While the major auto manufacturers construct race cars for the highest levels of competition, most cars seen competing on tracks across the US were built by dedicated craftsmen at a race shop. Two Porsches built by DeMan Motorsport located in Blauvelt, NY and founded by racer Rick DeMan, recently chalked up three GRAND-AM championships in one weekend.

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