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The heart and soul of DeMan Motorsport lies with its team. Each team member is dedicated to delivering a unique and memorable experience among like minded, automotive enthusiasts.

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We specialize in maximizing the performance of your Porsche vehicle from maintaining the reliability of your factory stock street car to engineering a championship winning race car.

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We all strive to experience that twisty mountain road, that iconic engine noise, and that perfect lap time. With the team at DeMan Motorsport it all comes together, and the result is perfection.

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Why Choose DeMan Motorsport?

Customer Testimonials…

  • Ken K.

    You can not meet a better group of professionals that always lend a hand even if you are not a customer. They keep the fun in Club Racing while maintaining a high professional standard.

  • Mitesh P.

    First I would like to thank you, and every one else who worked on my 98 Boxster. You guys did an awesome job. My car was delivered to me like it was brand new, and to date there have been no issues.

  • Josh B.

    I still get comments like "that's the nicest looking 914-6 I've ever seen" whenever I ever bring the car to the track. Your attention to detail is renowned among the racing community. Thanks again.

  • Daniel D.

    Rick and his team turned my turnkey of a car into a real contender. I can't thank Rick and his team enough for all that they did. Rick earned my respect and a very loyal and trusting customer from this experience. When he says he is going to build a great car he isn't kidding. Thank you Rick!

  • Scott L.

    This is the way Porsche should have had it leave the factory. This is the ONLY shop my cars will be brought to. I live in central NJ, and will continue to tow it up to your shop because it's the BEST!

  • Dom V.

    I am very proud to be a customer of DeMan Motorsport. DeMan is responsible for more smiles and great times then I can count during these past 3 years. The workmanship of his employees, the quality of the work and the support from DeMan are without comparison. DeMan built me a car that could not have been better had it rolled out of Porsche itself custom designed for me. Never once was I disappointed with the quality of the service provided or the level of professionalism and fun that the staff at DeMan provides during track and race events. I look forward to 2015.

Passion. Performance. Perfection.

A one-stop shop for all your Porsche needs, DeMan Motorsport offers everything from routine maintenance and service on your daily streetcar to fully built racecars and support. Please stop in and see our brand-new 25,000 square foot facility. – it’s a dream for any Porsche enthusiast!

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  • Over 25,000 Sq-ft Facility
  • Exclusive Porsche Service
  • Competition/Track Preparation
  • Used Vehicles Sales
  • Large Parts Inventory
  • Complete Collision Body Shop
  • In-house Dyno for Tuning

For the Street



 From the ground up, we are able to return your Porsche to its original shape.

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Receive regularly scheduled Porsche factory maintenance from our expert technicians.
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For the enthusiast looking to enhance the performance or personalize their car.
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Body & Paint

From dent repair to full car preparation, our in-house body shop can make your car shine like new.
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Our skilled technicians have the expertise to  get you back on the road or track quickly.
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We provide everything you need to run a safe, reliable and – most importantly – fast racecar.

DeMan Motorsport will get your car ready for the track. Our years of experience on nearly every North American circuit means we have the expertise to set up your car properly and make your car a contender. Complete assistance from the weekend Club/Vintage Racer to the Professional Road Race Team.  These services range from attendance of a single technician to a full team for all your needs with the provision of corporate hospitality for your guests. Set up work is a speciality and we also offer driver coaching.


DeMan Motorsport specializes in engine rebuilds – from race builds to factory restorations.

We also build race engines from scratch and can make performance modifications to your existing engine. We can blueprint your engine, dyno test it and certify your horsepower and torque. From Engine Builds and custom ECU programming to Turnkey Racecar Development and Construction, DeMan Motorsport can handle all of your needs. Engine dynamometer testing is performed on custom engines and by customer request. Assembly, engine layout design, and build clearance checking are all done on site.


We have the in house skills to perfect your Porsche race car or street car including suspension tuning, corner balancing.

A well set up vehicle inspires confidence to allow the driver to push the limits and still be in control. DeMan Motorsport capabilities include corner balancing, adjusting toe, camber and caster, building and installing custom springs, shocks and swaybars. Whether it is torsion bars, coil overs, shock re-valving or racing suspension components, we can tailor a set up to work best for you.


Porsche transmissions, like their engines, are precision equipment, requiring extensive knowledge and expertise to repair and rebuild.

DeMan Motorsport has the expertise to totally rebuild your tranny or make the necessary repairs. We have the factory tools to set the ring and pinion and handle any transmission job, large or small, be it a 901 or a late-model cable-shifter. Factory and custom transmissions are rebuilt and bench tested. Performance analysis of the racecar is simulated to select gear ratios that provide the highest level of on track performance.

For the Track

Full Race Builds

If you want the ultimate turn-key race car, we will build you a more reliable, safer, and faster racecar than you can imagine.
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We consistently attend major Porsche race weekends and have in-house transportation to get your car safely to events.
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Our staff of professional driver coaches can help shave seconds off your lap time with quality seat time.
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Track Support

Second to none, DeMan Motorsport provides the most critical support when you need it the most; at the track.
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DeMan Motorsport offers new and used factory parts, rebuilds, and custom made racing parts including rotors and kill switches.
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